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Muller Mixture


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ABOUT Muller Mixture

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Muller mixture.The Muller Mixture provides additional mixing forces over that of more conventional mixers to assure that the total mixture prepared is of uniform consistency. Unlike conventional mixing, mulling provides forces that incorporate kneading, shearing, smearing, and blending of materials for total uniform consistency. Mulling is an extension of mixing resulting from the intensification of work forces The work forces are applied via the tread of weighted mulling wheels.

Muller mixtures are used to get additional mixing facility than conventional mixtures. Muller mixtures provide forces to intermingle and move the particles of mixture without crushing, distorting or grinding ingredients of the mixture. After mulling we can get physically and chemically, completely consistent mixture.

Our company presents an excellent and economical solution for mixing applications with the introduction of Muller Mixer. In our range, we have specially designed mixer for sand foundy industry, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing and herbal.

  •  Uniform consistent end product
  •  Space saving equipment
  •  Homogeneous mixing
  •  Minimal maintenance
  •  Compact model
  •  Excellent mulling pressure
  •  High efficiency
  •  Robustness
  •  Durable